Apr 28, 2008

A girl took the first picture from the new CEO of Linde Labs.

Melanie Kidd took what is likely to be the paparazzi photo of the year - a candid shot of the new emperor/CEO of Linden Lab M Linden (Mark Kingdon) demonstrating his nearly total mastery of e-marketing with the new media.
She said in her blog:
"While I was working at Laqroki yesterday, I happened across a newbie Linden. A quick look at his profile revealed that he was freshly rezzed (it was devoid of any other info at the time) so I IM’d him in the hopes that he’d eventually “wake up” and I could help him pick out some new goodies for his avi. After all, it’s not everyday that you get to give a Linden a makeover, right? ^_^

I stood around him for a bit but he never did leave Away status, so I figured I’d take a humorous little pic — the one you see above — and give it the smartass title, “Asleep On The Job”.

Well, guess what! I found out today he’s the new CEO of Linden Lab, lmaoooo… I am going to have to send this pic to him. <3>"

More info
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Apr 21, 2008

Second Life: Growing Up

User to User Transactions. Total user to user transactions, a measure of the gross domestic product in Second Life, grew from an annualized rate of $261 million in Q4 to just over $300 million in Q1. The economy has grown 33.6% since the low point after the gambling ban.

User Hours and Concurrency. Resident user hours also grew 15% from an annualized rate of 304 million hours in Q4 to just under 350 million user hours in Q1.

Land Mass. The total number of regions owned by residents increased 11.1% over Q4 to just over 15,000 regions. That’s the equivalent of of just under 1 billion square meters of space.

Info by Zee Linden
More info at Second Life Blog

Apr 18, 2008

Day of Remembrance

Yesterday, 17th of April, we remembered all the people who left us in SL and in RL, through the streets of The Big Easy Sim and Biloxi with sweet jazz music playing live from the best Jazz Deejays in the Day Of Remembrance in Second Life.
"In Our Hearts with Us Still" ;-)
Look the snapshots and use it like a nice wideview wallpaper!

Katt Linden sayd: "
Have you ever lost an in-world friend? As years pass in Second Life, more residents will have the sad experience of logging in to find that someone they know and love in-world has passed away in Real Life.

The Day of Remembrance is a new community event commemorating the life, spirit, and creativity of all the residents who have left us.
The event is organized around the tradition of the Jazz Funeral in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. When someone dies, all their friends gather for a parade in their honor. They play loud Jazz music as they move through the streets of the old town, carrying parasols and pictures of their friend. It is a time to celebrate the life of the dearly departed, as well as to mourn their passing."

Nice Idea Katt! Thanks!

Apr 16, 2008

Like Adventures? Take a tour with our list of vendors and Stores...

Girl at Electro Violence Mall (Cyber theme mall)


Now you can explore each one of our stores!
Sometimes you will found a sexy bdsm mall, sometimes a nice shemale Club, and sometimes... surprise lol.
Take a tour..
Good luck and
have fun....mmmm

~nOd~Pearly Pearly (149, 167, 23)

~nOd~SanctuaryMain Alta (254, 151, 604)

~nOd~Shemale H&H Creamy Dreamz (138, 248, 718)

~nOd~Birdcage November (214, 65, 92)

~nOd~Twisted Orchid Bangkok City (170, 232, 22)

~nOd~Perverts Playpen Seventh Eye (122, 228, 53)

~nOd~Yggdrasill Yggdrasill (27, 22, 24)

~nOd~Shukshin Shukshin (134, 37, 602)

~nOd~SexTheme Mikela Isle (76, 131, 31)

~nOd~Electro Violence LUV (58, 75, 25)

~nOd~Purgatory Durga (109, 107, 23)

~nOd~StorieD'o Dja Nboo (68, 210, 73)

~nOd~StorieD'o2 Dja Nboo (85, 147, 71)

~nOd~BDSM Club Japan Susukino (248, 49, 33)

~nOd~Burning Excalibur Lan Caihe (74, 46, 22)

~nOd~Crystal Isle of Ecstasy (22, 0, 404)

~nOd~Crystal's2 Isle of Ecstasy (100, 112, 404)

~nOd~Horizons HORIZONS (97, 98, 42)

~nOd~Kingston Kingston Island (232, 9, 22)

~nOd~Krazzora Foundation (103, 34, 402)

~nOd~Main Store - Latex Sets HORIZONS EAST (41, 5, 29)

~nOd~Main Store I- 1st Floor last HORIZONS EAST (38, 54, 23)

~nOd~Main Store I- 1st Floor vendor HORIZONS EAST (58, 29, 23)

~nOd~Main Store I- 2nd Floor vendor HORIZONS EAST (33, 49, 28)

~nOd~Main Store II NineInchNerds (76, 193, 22)

~nOd~Main Store Stand 1 HORIZONS EAST (50, 36, 27)

~nOd~MainStore Stargate Floor HORIZONS EAST (33, 24, 34)

~nOd~Rostica Universes (227, 104, 22)

~nOd~Sarah'sPlayIsland SarahsPlayIsland (33, 218, 27)

~nOd~Sekhmet Island of Shadows (104, 41, 27)

~nOd~YSR Bracket (96, 26, 627)

~nOd~DWNOD HORIZONS EAST (3, 24, 28)

~nOd~ Java Kiosk Java Island II (66, 50, 43)

~nOd~Askold Askold (7, 42, 711)

Apr 10, 2008

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