Dec 25, 2009

Happy Xmas from NOD Stores!

Happy Xmas! Thanks for visit our stores along the year!
We hope you liked our stuff and we wish to make more sexy stuff for your avatar!

We want to give you a SPECIAL GIFT!
Come to NOD Main Store (click here!) and look for your GIFT under the Xmas trees, you only need to activate your "Nisei Oh VIP Group" and if you are not a Member, don't worry, just join the group because is open for everybody.

Click here if you want to join the group (becareful: the link will activate the Second Life program):

We will love if you stay with us and don't leave our group because:

* You could obtain exclusives GIFTS,
* SEXY TAGS over your Avatar,
* Fashion Events invitations
* Information about newest designs and stores..
*NO spam (of course)

Wellcome to the ~nOd~ VIP Group and Happy Xmas!

Dec 10, 2009

Are you looking for something?

If you are looking for something or a special item for your avatar at this blog, now you can use the new section called "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" always available at the bottom right of this blog powered with google search technology to search anything you want from NOD Latex & Fetish Stores. For example, write :"cow" or "nurse"....

Have fun...mmm

Dec 6, 2009

Electro Violence!

New ~nOd~Latex & Fetish store at the amazing Electro Violence Mall owned by Toppa Hax, you will find lot of items related with cyber and techno life. Of course you'll find our sexy latex. Wellcome to the future.

Dec 3, 2009

2 New NOD Latex & Fetish Stores to visit!

Japanese area with a nice beach and tropical style, with games and little stores.

Sons of Anarchy Strip Club
New sexy club with lot of high quality design stores and sexy girls.


These locations are no longer available.
Please feel free to visit our Main Store at:
or have a look to our items at
SL Marketplace

New Store at Caribian Dreams Mall !

Caribian Dreams Mall

This location is no longer available.
Please feel free to visit our Main Store at:
or have a look to our items at
SL Marketplace

Nov 21, 2009 Launched in 3 New Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian

On Wednesday (25th November), Linden Labs launched in three additional languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. We now have websites localized in English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, and are looking forward to continuing to grow this list.


Nov 13, 2009

Pseudo-Futurist total improvisation extravaganza - Mon Nov 16 2-3 PM SLT

Monday Nov. 16 Performance by Eva and Franko Mattes at exhibit A 2-3 PM SLT |
- Online in Second Life 2-3 pm (Second Life time)
- Live in RL by Performa09 New York 5-6 pm (New York time)
Monday November 16 2009, 5-6 pm (New York time); 2-3 pm (Second Life time)


*SLT: Second Life Time

More info (press release)
Odissey Art
Eva and Franco Mattes website

Nov 5, 2009

New Latex Uniform #13 Tango Minidress SPECIAL PRICE (-50% OFF) LIMITED TIME!

A new release is waiting for you! the new Latex Tango Minidress with SPECIAL PRICE UNTIL SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8Th!!! Save -50% OFF, buy now!

NOD Stores mix latex and elegance from tango dancers in this sexy black outfit for your sexy avatar.
Buy now at Second Life Marketplace:

Oct 31, 2009

Who are you? NEW Tags to choose!

WHO ARE YOU? A Mistress? a Master? a Sub/slave? Pony?
Now you can choose your favorite tag wearing the NOD Group. Only you need to Edit the "NISEI OH VIP GROUP" pushing INFO Button and select in the little window at the bottom with the text "~nOd~Sexy Vip" to one of these NEW tags: Master, Mistress, Sub/Slave or Pony Girl.

If you don't are a MEMBER from Nisei Oh Vip Group, you only need to buy an item at the store or at the web and send us a notecard to join the group!

Courtesy of NOD Stores.

See NOD Stores products...

NOD Stores Latex & Fetish at XStreetSL

~nOd~ Latex & Fetish - Main Store in-world!

~nOd~ Web Site -

~nOd~ You Tube Channel

Have fun...mmm
NOD Latex and Fetish Stores

Sep 17, 2009

Redesigning the ~nOd~ Latex Best Sellers...

Redesigning the best Latex from ~nOd~Stores.

We are working on getting better quality in some of our best sellers designs: cleaning wrong shadows, drawing new reflections, creating more natural and realistics colours, adding more extras, etc..
This is a little list:

~nOd~ Latex Uniform 04 Pink -> ~nOd~ Latex Uniform 04 Latexia Pink - Finished-Available to buy (click here)

~nOd~ Latex Uniform 04 Cyan -> ~nOd~ Latex Uniform 04 Latexia Light Blue - Finished-Available to buy (click here)

- UPDATED: June /2012:

~nOd~ Latex Uniform 1 Black -> - Finished-Available to buy (click here)

~nOd~ Latex Uniform 2 Black -> - Finished-Available to buy (click here)

And we are working in more new sexy designs!!

Have fun...mmm


Aug 15, 2009

Aug 8, 2009

Latex Doll House latex Show

Latex Fetishwear fashion week events:

Today (august 8th,2009) come to the Latex Doll House show at Yggdrasill. You will see the latest latex designs from the best fetish designers in Second Life and after show big party with 2 PRIZES: Pink latex catsuit and Babydoll in Black (picture)!

Latex Fetishear Fashion Week Information here

Aug 7, 2009

Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week 2009 in Second Life Starts today!

~nOd~ Latex and Fetish Stores will be in this week-long celebration of our love of fetish, fashion and fun! Custom built stages and shows, professional models, amazing DJs and entertainment, and fabulous parties with prizes!.

Today Show:

Model Heather Steinbeck will dress 2 of our designs and then ~nOd~Stores will give 2 latex designs to audience.