Sep 8, 2010


Due to problems with landowner, our Main Store has changed location!
This is the new Main Store at Star Sunshine Island.
New look, good background music, more light and attractive, you will find a nice place to buy your sexy sets in second life.
Coming soon new releases and redesign of the best sets.
This is our new Landmark!!

Have fun!

This location is no longer available.
Please feel free to visit our Main Store at:
or have a look to our items at
SL Marketplace

~nOd~Latex and Fetish Stores
~nOd~Main Store in SL Marketplace
~nOd~Main Store in World

Sep 1, 2010

SL Viewer New Feature: Display Names

Display Names is a new feature currently under development. It breaks the current Second Life name into two - a unique username used to log in along with a non-unique name that is visible above your head inworld called a Display Name.

Display Names gives you more freedom than ever to express your inworld identity. You can use your real name, a fantasy name, hyphenate with your inworld partner, promote your organization or inworld business name, or anything that you want other Residents to refer to you as.

How to... and Why?
Torley Linden has created the video below that will give you an idea of what you can do with this new feature: